Ina Nietzschmann

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Sepsis is a well-recognized healthcare issue worldwide, ultimately resulting in significant mortality, morbidity and resource utilization during and after critical illness. In its most severe form, sepsis causes multi-organ dysfunction that produces a state of critical illness characterized by severe immune dysfunction and catabolism. Sepsis induces the(More)
Case presentation • Affected were both arms, face, thorax as well as both thighs • Pre-existing diseases included known epilepsy and multifactorial drug abuse • The ABSI score (abbreviated burn severity index) was 10 points • On admission, immediate bath therapy was performed while the patient was still circulatory and hemodynamically stable, with a(More)
Background The body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is considered to be a sub-form of somatoform disorders. BDD can express itself in a delirious experience, an excessive evaluation and employment of the external appearance, in particular the face. Preliminary results suggest that individuals with BDD do not benefit from plastic surgery, so that aesthetic surgery(More)
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