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Increasing temperature may compensate for lower amounts of dead wood in driving richness of saproxylic beetles
Early View (EV): 1-EVfor many species, such as old, dead, or dying trees, are signif-icantly reduced (Whitehouse 2006). This lack of dead-wood resources has been identified as a major weakness of theExpand
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The effect of translocation on movement behaviour—A test of the assumptions of behavioural studies
Animal movement behaviour is intensively investigated with capture-mark-recapture studies. For the analysis of such experiments, the influence of marking technique, handling and translocation ofExpand
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Biased dispersal of Metrioptera bicolor, a wing dimorphic bush‐cricket
In the highly fragmented landscape of central Europe, dispersal is of particular importance as it determines the long‐term survival of animal populations. Dispersal not only secures theExpand
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The genetic structure of populations of Metrioptera bicolor in a spatially structured landscape: effects of dispersal barriers and geographic distance
The stability and long-term survival of animal populations in fragmented landscapes largely depends on the colonisation of habitat patches and the exchange of individuals between patches. The degreeExpand
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