Ina M. Sebastian

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The digital economy poses existential threats to—and game-changing opportunities for—companies that were successful in the pre-digital economy. What will distinguish those companies that successfully transform from those that become historical footnotes? This is the question a group of six researchers and consultants from Boston Consulting Group set out to(More)
High-reliability healthcare organizations, such as Intensive Care Units, operate in challenging high-velocity environments regarding decision-making, uncertainty, and time constraints. Further, these organizations are multidisciplinary, professionally driven, and characterized by a strong hierarchical structure. Given such conditions, effective(More)
New digital technologies present both game-changing opportunities for—and existential threats to— companies whose success was built in the pre-digital economy. From a study of 25 companies that were embarking on digital transformation journeys, the full article identifies two digital strategies—customer engagement and digitized solutions—that provide(More)
Experience from recent crises strongly suggests that involvement of ordinary individuals or groups of people in emergency response is a critical contribution to large-scale disaster relief, especially at the beginning of the crisis. While not meant to displace response from trained authorities, they should not be regarded as a liability but as immediately(More)
Employees’ working environments in traditional organizations are characterized by siloed technologies, segregated physical spaces and asynchronous email communications. Behaviors, technologies and physical constraints in these workplaces result in a fundamental disconnect between what employees can accomplish and what companies need them to do in the(More)
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