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BACKGROUND Setipiprant, a tetrahydropyridoindole derivative, is a CRTH2 (chemoattractant receptor-homologous molecule expressed on T-helper [Th]-2 cells) antagonist that has the potential to be effective in the treatment of patients with diseases with an allergic etiology, such as allergic rhinitis and asthma. OBJECTIVES This study investigated the(More)
STEFANIE LOSEKAM, INA KLUGE, KARIN SILVIA NITTEL, TILO KIRCHER and CARSTEN KONRAD Psychological Medicine / FirstView Article / February 2013, pp 1 ­ 1 DOI: 10.1017/S0033291712003005, Published online: 10 January 2013 Link to this article: http://journals.cambridge.org/abstract_S0033291712003005 How to cite this article: STEFANIE LOSEKAM, INA KLUGE, KARIN(More)
95 506 patients who received general anesthesia during the period of 1964--1977 were studied. The account of all actual or possible life threatening complications during the anesthesia is given: oedema of the glottis, air embolism, accidental injection of the wrong drug, respiratory insufficiency, hypoxia, pulmonary oedema, airway occlusion by the cuff,(More)
At the improvement of the dispensaire care and clinical follow-up examinations of prosthodontic patients was elaborated a documentation system with application of electronic data processing. For this end was developed special card for findings. The menue was programmed in DBASE II and consist of a programme for collection and a programme for analysis.