Ina Gröticke

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MicroRNAs (miRNAs) regulate gene expression post-transcriptionally and thus are involved in various physiological and pathological states. Due to their stability in biofluids miRNAs have also been proposed as biomarkers (BMs) for tissue injury. We investigated the usefulness of urinary miRNAs for detection of site-specific renal damage in an antiglomerular(More)
We investigated a glomerulonephritis (GN) model in rats induced by nephrotoxic serum (NTS) which contains antibodies against the glomerular basement membrane (GBM). The anti-GBM GN model in rats is widely used since its biochemical and histopathological characteristics are similar to crescentic nephritis and Goodpasture's disease in humans (Pusey, 2003[2]).(More)
Human uterine fibroids, benign tumors derived from the smooth muscle layers of the uterus, impose a major health burden to up to 50% of premenopausal women in their daily life. To improve our understanding of this disease, we developed and characterized a patient-derived xenograft model by subcutaneous transplantation of pieces of human uterine fibroid(More)
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