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  • Ina Fourie
  • Health information and libraries journal
  • 2009
OBJECTIVE A review, focusing on emotion, was conducted of reported studies on the information behaviour of healthcare professionals (2004-2008). Findings were intended to offer guidelines on information services and information literacy training, to note gaps in research and to raise research interest. METHOD Databases were searched for literature(More)
Charles Davis and Debora Shaw can be congratulated on successfully completing a daunting task: Persuading experts in the field of information science to collaborate on writing a textbook that not only reflects a variety of viewpoints but also is written on an entry level certainly requires a lot of dedication, time, effort, and trust in the value of such an(More)
In a dynamic, information and technology-driven society, librarians can create new roles by assessing changes in their environment, the potential effect and ways to reposition themselves. Scenario building, literature reviews, situation analysis, speculation and forecasting may be used. Librarians have a good idea of what they can offer, but are often(More)
Introduction. This study investigates the information needs and information-seeking patterns of secondary level geography teachers in Lesotho to guide the design and implementation of an information service for these teachers. Leckie, Pettigrew and Sylvain's model of professionals' information-seeking served as a theoretical framework but was overlaid with(More)
Purpose – To explore the value of web information-seeking studies for practice, and to bring selected research findings and their potential to the attention of library and information science (LIS) practitioners. Design/methodology/approach – Based on a selective literature review of web information-seeking studies to highlight findings considered most(More)
Design/methodology/approach – An overview of the literature on information literacy skills and the digital divide, an analysis of information seeking research, as well as experience in teaching a course in advanced information retrieval at the Department of Information Science, University of Pretoria, South Africa, inspired a theoretical model for(More)