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Existential concerns about cancer have been studied extensively in palliative care but less so in curative settings. The present report aims to describe ways in which patients viewed the continuity or discontinuity of their identity in the face of the mortal threat of cancer. Twenty-eight patients with breast, prostate or lung cancer attending(More)
Healthcare professionals, nurses with and without disabilities, administrators and personnel directors were surveyed to explore hiring practices and attitudes towards working with nurses with disabilities employed in clinical settings. Specifically the purpose of the study was to gather and analyze data regarding the perceptions of two groups towards nurses(More)
Progression of nurse education from apprentice to educational courses in response to demands for strengthening professional status has led to an increase of nursing research proposals at Level 3 and beyond. Accordingly, the demands on ethics committees in considering ethico-legal aspects of such proposals have also risen. Historically, this function has(More)
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