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The use of Fontinalis antipyretica L. ex Hedw. as a bioindicator for heavy metals. 2. Heavy metal accumulation and physiological reaction of Fontinalis antipyretica L. ex Hedw. in active
Abstract The aquatic moss Fontinalis antipyretica was studied for its ability to accumulate heavy metals. In an exposure test in the River Elbe it was possible to detect an accumulation of heavyExpand
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Effects of cadmium, copper, and zinc on growth and thiol content of aquatic hyphomycetes
The effects of cadmium, copper, and zinc on the growth of ten strains ofaquatic hyphomycetes were investigated. On a solid medium, Cd and Cu reducedradial growth of most strains by 50% atExpand
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The use of the aquatic moss Fontinalis antipyretica L. ex Hedw. as a bioindicator for heavy metals
Abstract Increasing attention given to heavy metals as components of the pollutant load in aquatic ecosystems makes it necessary to find reliable biological indicators. Fundamental investigationsExpand
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A potential novel strategy to separate therapeutic‐ and side‐effects that are mediated via the same receptor: β‐arrestin2/G‐protein coupling antagonists
The development of the drug-receptor concept (reviewed in 1) and subsequent identification of receptors helped explain the specificity of drug action, providing a mechanistic model as a basis forExpand
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Coumarins give misleading absorbance with Ellman's reagent suggestive of thiol conjugates.
In the course of a screening for phytochelatins in cadmium-exposed bryophytes in the terrestrial mosses Polytrichum formosum and Atrichum undulatum we detected compounds with absorption propertiesExpand
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Chapter 10 Assessment of metal pollution of aquatic systems with the water: Moss Fontinalis antipyretica L. ex Hedw. — from fundamental investigations to physiological effects
Abstract The water moss, Fontinalis antipyretica, was used for passive and active biomonitoring of metals in aquatic systems. For passive biomonitoring, plant material from different sites in theExpand
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