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UNLABELLED Stem cell therapy is an emerging alternative therapeutic or disease-modifying strategy for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The aim of this open-label phase I clinical trial was to evaluate the safety of two repeated intrathecal injections of autologous bone marrow (BM)-derived mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) in ALS patients. Eight patients(More)
Arsenic Trioxide (As2O3) is an effective agent for treating acute promyelocytic leukemia achieving a complete remission rate of about 60% to 90%. It is similar to all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA) when treating acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL), because both agents have limited side effects compared to conventional chemotherapy, although the treatment period(More)
Arsenic trioxide(As2O3) has proved highly effective in treating both refractory or primary cases of acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL). The role of arsenic trioxide in APL treatment has been confirmed by study groups in China and in the USA. However, what is the role of As2O3 in treating APL? Should it be used as first line therapy, or should it be used as(More)
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