In-Whan Lyo

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Adsorption of ethylene molecules on Si(001)-c(4 x 2) was studied using scanning tunneling microscopy at low temperatures. Ethylene molecules trapped at the surface at 50 K were imaged only after decay to chemisorption, each bonding to a Si dimer. Atomic-scale observations of temperature-dependent kinetics show that the decay exhibited Arrhenius behavior(More)
The capability to deposit charge and energy quantum-by-quantum into a specific atomic site could lead to many previously unidentified applications. Here we report on the quantum capacitor formed by a strongly localized field possessing such capability. We investigated the charging dynamics of such a capacitor by using the unique scanning tunneling(More)
Here we introduce a simple, low-cost, contamination-free, and highly reliable technique for sealing an ultra-high vacuum (UHV) cryostat by using cryogenically freezable liquid. We demonstrate it by sealing an UHV cryostat with dry leaks in the high vacuum range; ethanol was utilized to fill and block the leakage pathways through the subsequent in situ(More)
We performed error analysis on the periodic measurement schemes to obtain the residence time of bistable Poisson states. Experimental data were obtained by periodical level-sensitive samplings of oxygen-induced states on Si(111)-7 x 7 that stochastically switches between two metastable states. Simulated data sequences were created by the Monte Carlo(More)
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