In-Sung Jang

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Synthetic polymer vascular patches used in cardiovascular surgery have shortcomings such as thrombosis, intimal hyperplasia, calcification, infection, and no growth potential. Tissue-engineered vascular patches using autologous vascular cells may solve these problems. In this study, we developed a tissue-engineered vascular patch using autologous bone(More)
In this paper, we have designed a data model for moving objects and implemented it. The moving objects are time-evolving spatial objects, that is, their geometries are dynamically changed as time varies. Generally, a GIS database stores and manages the spatial objects, of which geometries are rarely changed. The traditional GIS database, therefore, has a(More)
Purpose. Intimal hyperplasia (IH) is characterized by vascular smooth muscle cell (VSMC) proliferation in the intima and subsequent accumulation of extracellular matrix. A variety of factors that might be considered as possible VSMC mitogens induce the specific gene expression of VSMC. This study was designed to identify differentially expressed mRNA by(More)
Despite numerous benefits of laparoscopic procedures, the serious hypercapnia and respiratory acidosis in hypercapnic patients with decreased pulmonary compliance during carbon dioxide-induced pneumoperitoneum (CDP) may be developed. Tracheal gas insufflation (TGI) has been shown to be a useful adjunct to controlled mechanical hypoventilation. This study(More)
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