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The endemic status of clonorchiasis and metagonimiasis along the Geum-gang (River) in Okcheon-gun (County) in Korea was examined. From February to December 2000, stools of total 1,081 inhabitants living in 5 villages were examined. Each stool specimen was examined by both the cellophane thick smear method and the formalin-ether sedimentation technique.(More)
To determine the approximate incidence and clinical features of pernicious anemia in a Korean population, we retrospectively analyzed clinical data for patients with pernicious anemia who were diagnosed between 1995 and 2010 at five hospitals in Chungnam province. Ninety-seven patients were enrolled, who accounted for 24% of patients with vitamin B(12)(More)
To extend the range of application for industrial computed tomography systems, different approaches making use of several X-Ray sources and detectors are presented. The combination of microfocus sources with high-voltage and high-power sources makes it possible to combine micro CT and macro CT applications in a single system. Digital flat panel detectors(More)
Dohyun Kim, X E TEX-ko: A X E TEX macro package for processing Korean documents; pp. 1–30 X E TEX-ko is a macro package for typesetting Korean documents, including old Hangul texts as well, upon the X E TEX engine. X E TEX is a sophisticated TEX engine which supports full Unicode encoding and OpenType layout features. Using X E TEX itself, however, is not(More)
The increasing use of computed tomography (CT) as a diagnostic tool creates the need for an efficient means of evaluating the performance of the CT systems now in use. Usually the metal products have the defects during manufacturing and are inevitable. In the NDT system, ability for evaluate the casting defects such as cracks and pores is also very(More)
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