In Soo Lee

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This article presents a model-based fault diagnosis method to detect and isolate faults in the robot arm control system. The proposed algorithm is composed functionally of three main parts: parameter estimation, fault detection, and isolation. When a change in the system occurs, the errors between the system output and the estimated output cross a(More)
The patches of the rice paddies are generally positioned by a traditional surveying method such as Plane Table and Total Station in Korea. This study has been undertaken to check whether TLS (Terrestrial Laser Scanner) could meet the accuracy standard, compare TLS survey data with those one of the new modern survey technologies such as digital aerial(More)
Members of the family Legionellaceae have emerged as important nosocomial pathogens. Bronchopneumonia is the typical illness and mimics other nosocomial pneumonias. On rare occasion, surgical wound infections may be due to legionellae. Legionella pneumophila is the species causing most human illness, but other species may predominate in individual(More)
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