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To estimate the coordinates of multiple targets, the arrangement of radar sensors is very important. This paper uses four Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radar modules at four directions in the room. In multiple targets, there is some probability to choose "ghost" targets (Helmbrecht and Biebl, 2005) when targets are on the diagonal. This paper proposes modified UWB(More)
This paper considers the well established empirical fact that conditional correlations among crosscountry interest rates switch signs. Switching implies an alternation of coupling and decoupling of global bond markets over time. This evidence is robust to alternative estimation schemes. Here we use a seminonparametric (SNP) model with a BEKK-GARCH variance(More)
Intraductal papillary neoplasm associated with mucinous ductal ectasia is an uncommon cystic disease of the pancreas. This tumor is characterized by the multilocular cyst lined by mucin producing cells with variable degrees of atypia and ductal ectasia. In addition, this tumor has a favorable prognosis in contrast to other mucinous cystic tumor of the(More)
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