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Src family kinases (SFKs) regulate the completion of cytokinesis through signal transduction pathways that lead to the Rab11-dependent phosphorylation of ERK and its localization to the midbody of cytokinetic cells. We find that UNC119a, a known activator of SFKs, plays essential roles in this signaling pathway. UNC119a localizes to the centrosome in(More)
The synchronous amoebae-to-flagellates differentiation of Naegleria pringsheimi has been used as a model system to study the formation of eukaryotic flagella. We cloned two novel genes, Clp, Class I on plasma membrane and Clb, Class I at basal bodies, which are transiently expressed during differentiation and characterized their respective protein products.(More)
Mammalian cells are capable of de novo centriole formation after the removal of existing centrioles. This suggests that de novo centriole assembly is repressed in normally duplicating cells to maintain a constant number of centrioles in the cells. However, neither the mechanism of de novo centriole assembly nor that of its hypothesized repression is(More)
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