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We reported an innovative, targeted chemoimmuno drug-delivery system. Although chemoimmunotherapy, as an alternative to or in combination with conventional therapeutic systems, has been in the forefront of recent oncological research, as presently configured, such systems face several major obstacles for efficient clinical application. Here, we establish a(More)
STAT3 promotes the survival, proliferation, metastasis, immune escape, and drug resistance of cancer cells, making its targeting an appealing prospect. However, although multiple inhibitors of STAT3 and its regulatory or effector pathway elements have been developed, bioactive agents have been somewhat elusive. In this report, we report the identification(More)
Protein therapeutics have gained attention recently for treatment of a myriad of human diseases due to their high potency and unique mechanisms of action. We present the development of a novel polymeric thermosponge nanoparticle for efficient delivery of labile proteins using a solvent-free polymer thermo-expansion mechanism with clinical potential, capable(More)
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