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Waterlogging stress caused a decrease of leaf chlorophyll content and premature leaf senescence, which are associated with dramatic changes in gene expression profiles in the aerial leaves of root-waterlogged rape seedlings. Soil waterlogging is a serious constraint to crop production. We investigated the physiological responses of rape (Brassica napus L.)(More)
When plant roots are waterlogged, plants can experience hypoxic stress. Large quantities of nitric oxide (NO) can be generated under hypoxic conditions as a result of nitrate reduction. Our objective was to investigate the molecular mechanisms behind NO production and scavenging (turnover) in waterlogged roots of rape (‘Tammi’ variety) seedlings by(More)
Miscanthus sacchariflorus 'Goedae-Uksae 1' (GU) was developed as an energy crop of high productivity in Korea. For the practical use of GU for bioethanol production, a bench-scale continuous pretreatment system was developed. The reactor performed screw extrusion, soaking and thermochemical pretreatment at the following operating conditions: 3 mm particle(More)
A CO2-added ammonia explosion pretreatment was performed for bioethanol production from rice straw. The pretreatment conditions, such as ammonia concentration, CO2 loading level, residence time, and temperature were optimized using response surface methodology. The response for optimization was defined as the glucose conversion rate. The optimized(More)
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