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Jovanovic and Nyarko (1996) showed that when agents learn-by-doing and are myopic, less advanced agents may adopt new technologies while more advanced ¯rms stick with the old technology since the new technology takes time to learn. In this case, the less advanced agents might eventually overtake (or \leapfrog") the advanced agents. We show that this kind of(More)
Using a three-dimensional local spin-density functional method, we investigate the electronic structure of quasi two-dimensional ellipsoidal quantum dots with elliptical deformation. Changes in the electron addition energy spectra and spin polarization are investigated as a function of the number of electrons and the elliptical deformation on the lateral(More)
In many cases the optimal open-loop policy to influence agents who solve dynamic problems is time-inconsistent. We show how to construct a time-consistent open-loop policy rule. We also consider an additional restriction under which the time-consistent open-loop policy is stationary. We use examples to illustrate the properties of these tax rules.
We describe the object-oriented implementation of a higher-order finite-difference density-functional code in Fortran 90. Object-oriented models of grid and related objects are constructed and employed for the implementation of an efficient one-way multigrid method we have recently proposed for the density-functional electronic-structure calculations.(More)