In-Gyu Park

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A hybrid series connection of a controllable switch (such as a BJT, an IGBT, or a GTO) and thyristors is proposed and studied. The proposed hybrid series connection has a controllable turn-off capability. The thyristors in the proposed connection are not turned off by auxiliary commutation circuits, but turned off by the series-connected controllable(More)
This paper introduces dynamic characteristics of the developed harmonic reduction gear, namely KCSF-20 through the vibrational and structural analysis. Considering the modal testing, the developed harmonic gear was evaluated by comparing with THK product, CSF-20. The Campbell diagram was an useful tool to diagnose fault cases through analysing the(More)
This work-in-progress introduces the dynamic simulation of gravity and friction compensation of 2-DOF robot manipulator for programming by demonstration. This project aims to teach tasks by programming by demonstration to the developing transportation system with a robot manipulator which collaborates with lifting machine and the horizontally moving(More)
In this paper, we propose a robotic system for the automatic cutting of castings for gas turbine runner and gate. It requires a lot of time and effort of the cutting operating by the operator because of this product materials are tough and compact. In order to overcome this difficulty, we propose a robotic system that can automatically identify and respond(More)
We suggest experimental FFT Anlayzer system which analyzes static structural vibration and dynamic structural vibration of Harmonic drive used in the precision machining and Handling part in industry field and we also analyze characteristics of static structural vibration and dynamic structural vibration of Harmonic drive from advanced company to prove the(More)
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