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Voice activity detection (VAD) can be used to distinguish human speech from other sounds, and various applications can benefit from VAD-including speech coding and speech recognition. To accurately detect voice activity, the algorithm must take into account the characteristic features of human speech and/or background noise. In many real-life applications,(More)
We present a wearable sound recognition system to assist the hearing impaired. Traditionally, hearing aid dogs are specially trained to facilitate the daily life of the hearing impaired. However, since training hearing aid dogs is costly and time-consuming, it would be desirable to substitute them with an automatic sound recognition system using speech(More)
Many devices, including smart TVs and humanoid robots, can be operated through speech interface. Since a user can interact with such a device at a distance, speech-operated devices must be able to process speech signals from a distance. Although many methods exist to localize speakers via sound source localization, it is very difficult to reliably find the(More)
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