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In this paper, an high efficiency and high output power amplifier MMIC based on 0.25 um GaN HEMT proress is presented. The MMIC has been designed with an output impedance moving technique to help a Doherty amplifier to be implemented in a small area. A compact Doherty amplifier for an active antenna system of a LTE base station has been implemented with the(More)
A low temperature cofired ceramics (LTCC) upconverter is presented. Two filters are embedded under the MMIC mixer. One is an S-band low pass filter with multi-pole configuration for image rejection and the other is a K-band band pass filter with layer coupled configuration for harmonic rejection. The size of the LTCC upconverter is only 7 times 8(More)
A new vertical transition using a trough line, a slab line and shielded multilayer coplanar waveguides (SMCPW) was proposed in order to develop a DC to 50 GHz band low loss LTCC hermetic surface mounting (SMT) MMIC package. The trough line, the slab line and the SMCPWs were employed to minimize the radiation loss, crosstalk and discontinuity of the(More)
In this paper, we present a wideband doubly-balanced resistive mixer fabricated using a 0.5 µm GaAs p-HEMT process. Three baluns are employed in the mixer. Local oscillator (LO) and radio frequency (RF) baluns operating over an 8 to 20 GHz range were implemented with Marchand baluns. In order to reduce the chip size, the Marchand baluns were realized(More)
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