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Phylogeographic analysis of paternal lineages in NE Portuguese Jewish communities.
The establishment of Jewish communities in the territory of contemporary Portugal is archaeologically documented since the 3rd century CE, but their settlement in Trás-os-Montes (NE Portugal) has notExpand
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Echoes from Sepharad: signatures on the maternal gene pool of crypto-Jewish descendants
The majority of genetic studies on Jewish populations have been focused on Ashkenazim, and genetic data from the Sephardic original source, the Iberian Peninsula, are particularly scarce. RegardingExpand
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Mitochondrial DNA-control region sequence variation in the NE Portuguese Jewish community
Abstract The cultural phenomenon of Crypto-Judaism, defined as the secret adherence to Judaism while publicly professing another faith, arose in Portugal in the beginning of the 16th century afterExpand
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Portuguese crypto-Jews: the genetic heritage of a complex history
The first documents mentioning Jewish people in Iberia are from the Visigothic period. It was also in this period that the first documented anti-Judaic persecution took place. Other episodes ofExpand
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Haplogroup J-Z640-Genetic Insight into the Levantine Bronze Age
This article aims at researching the evolution of J-Z640 using an interdisciplinary approach in order to clarify the leading historical and anthropological events that shaped this particular branchExpand
Reply to letter from Felice L. Bedford and Doron Yacobi
The authors of Nogueiro et al1 do thank Bedford and Yacobi comments on our paper providing the opportunity to clarify some issues that may have been put forward in an insufficiently clear or poorlyExpand
Exploring Sephardic lineages in São Tomé e Príncipe
Abstract Sao Tome and Principe are the two main islands of a small archipelago located in the Gulf of Guinea, western equatorial African coast. These islands were probably uninhabited at the time ofExpand