Inês C Gonçalves

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BACKGROUND The precise effect of warm ischemia on renal allograft function remains unclear and leads to variable warm ischemic time (WIT) limits advocated by transplant programs. This study aims to investigate the relationship between WIT, renal ischemia reperfusion injury, and graft function using a hemoperfused kidney model. METHODS Porcine kidneys were(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop recommendations for the treatment of psoriatic arthritis (PsA) with biological therapies, endorsed by the Portuguese Society of Rheumatology. METHODS These treatment recommendations were formulated by Portuguese rheumatologists based on literature evidence and consensus opinion. A draft of the recommendations was first circulated to(More)
UNLABELLED The contribution of maturation and stimulation to the development of oral feeding was investigated, with two main objectives: (1) to analyze the nutritive sucking pattern of very-low-birth-weight newborns from their first oral feeding to the acquisition of independent oral feeding, and (2) to compare the nutritive sucking patterns of these(More)
PURPOSE This prospective cohort study aimed to investigate the short-term soft tissue clinical outcomes and recommendation for evaluation and follow-up after a new hybrid All-on-4 rehabilitation. METHODS Forty consecutively included patients rehabilitated in the complete edentulous atrophic maxillae through a hybrid All-on-4 treatment concept (4 immediate(More)
The present study aims to characterize maximal continuous and intermittent efforts in head-out of water aquatic exercise and to determine the risk associated with this type of exercises by healthy persons. Ten healthy women (38.3 ± 9.4 years; 160.2 ± 6.2 cm; 50.0 ± 8.5 kg) experienced in head-out aquatic exercise participated in this study. Two maximal(More)
We report the clinical case of a 73-years-old woman with sarcoidosis since 29 years-old, on long-term corticosteroid therapy, who presented with symptoms of abdominal pain after an episode of acute and severe low back pain associated with significant functional impairment, in the context of D11 fracture. Although infrequent, recent spine fractures should be(More)
PURPOSE To report on the outcome of 7 mm long implants in the rehabilitation of posterior areas of atrophic jaws 3 years after loading. MATERIALS AND METHODS This prospective study included 127 patients treated with 217 implants supporting 165 fixed prostheses. Final abutments were delivered at surgery stage and in the large majority of patients (n = 116)(More)
Severe hypertriglyceridemia has been consistently associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and other complications, namely acute pancreatitis. We report a case of a 64 year-old woman with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and metabolic syndrome with triglyceride level of 3260 mg/dL. Plasma exchange was performed with simultaneous medical(More)
OBJECTIVES To develop Portuguese evidence-based recommendations for pain management by pharmocotherapy in inflammatory arthritis. METHODS The Portuguese project was integrated in the multinational 3E Initiative (Evidence, Expertise, Exchange) 2010 where a total of 453 rheumatologists from 17 countries have participated. The clinical questions concerning(More)