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The main objective of this study is to report rated age of acquisition (AoA) norms for 834 nouns in Portuguese (European). AoA ratings were collected on a 7 point scale, generally following Gilhooly and Logie (1980) procedure with an 8 extra point for "don't know the word" answers. Results were analyzed considering AoA ratings and their standard deviations(More)
OBJECTIVE the aim of this paper is to communicate a project of short term psychiatric hospitalization, based on a therapeutic community model, considering qualitative and quantitative aspects in the present socio - cultural context. INTRODUCTION this psychiatric hospitalization model that embraces psychodynamic and pharmacological interventions is focused(More)
INTRODUCTION Quality of the parent-infant relationship influences the mechanisms of development of the child's physiological stress regulation. This study explored associations between attachment strategies and both cortisol and thyroid stimulating hormone, hypothesized to be respectively a potential mediator and a potential intervening variable of the(More)
INTRODUCTION This observational study explores potential links between obese children's cortisol, and parental mental state, family functioning, and the children's symptoms of anxiety and depression. MATERIAL AND METHODS A non-random sample of 104 obese children (55 boys), mean age 10.9 years (standard deviation 1.76), was recruited from a childhood(More)
Workers' perception that their job experience enriches their family life has been considered a mechanism that explains their positive attitudes toward the organization where they work. However, because women and men live their work and family differently, gender may condition this relationship between the work-family enrichment and workers' attitudes. With(More)
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