Inés Sánchez

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Axon caliber may be influenced by intrinsic neuronal factors and extrinsic factors related to myelination. To understand these extrinsic influences, we studied how axon-caliber expansion is related to changes in neurofilament and microtubule organization as axons of retinal ganglion cells interact with oligodendroglia and become myelinated during normal(More)
In previous studies we demonstrated that IGF-I induces proliferation of pituitary lactotrophs. In addition to its mitotrophic actions, IGF-I is known to prevent apoptosis induced by diverse stimuli in several cell types. In this study, we investigated the action of IGF-I on pituitary cell survival and the intracellular signaling transduction pathway(More)
Podocalyxin (Podxl) is a type I membrane sialoprotein of the CD34 family, originally described in the epithelial glomerular cells of the kidney (podocytes) in which it plays an important function. Podxl can also be found in megakaryocytes and platelets among other extrarenal places. The surface exposure of Podxl upon platelet activation suggested it could(More)
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