Inés Moragrega

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The main aim of the present investigation was to evaluate the possible modulation of spatial learning ability by housing conditions and level of aggressiveness in mice, also testing whether differences in locomotion and anxiety could influence this relationship. Additionally, we have examined effects of nicotine in the acquisition and retention of a spatial(More)
The present study aimed to evaluate whether housing condition could interact with nicotine administration in influencing the acquisition of a two-way active avoidance task. Male NMRI mice were either group- or individually housed for 30 days and, after this period, evaluated both in the actimeter and, 24h later, in the elevated plus-maze. On the basis of(More)
Mental health care represents over a third of the cost of health care to all EU nations and in US is estimated to be around the 2'5% of the gross national product. It additionally results in further costs to the economy in lost productivity. Depression and Stress related disorders are the most common mental illnesses and the prevention of depression and(More)
Animal studies point to an implication of the endocannabinoid system on executive functions. In humans, several studies have suggested an association between acute or chronic use of exogenous cannabinoids (Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and executive impairments. However, to date, no published reports establish the relationship between endocannabinoids, as(More)
PURPOSE Computerized cognitive behavioral therapy (CCBT) has been shown to be efficacious. Moreover, CCBT can be enhanced by using physiological and activity sensors, but there is no evidence about the acceptability of all these tools. The objective of this study is to examine the efficacy, expectations, satisfaction, and ease of use of an Internet-based(More)
Many studies have been developed using brain imaging methods to investigate psychological disorders. On the other hand, there are many studies that make use of virtual reality (VR) to simulate a real condition during psychological treatments. In this research, we plan to analyze brain activity during the exposure to a virtual environment related to phobias.(More)
The question of how to quantify insufficient coping behavior under chronic stress is of major clinical relevance. In fact, chronic stress increasingly dominates modern work conditions and can affect nearly every system of the human body, as suggested by physical, cognitive, affective and behavioral symptoms. Since freshmen students experience constantly(More)
  • Juan M García-Gómez, Patricia Paniagua-Paniagua, Francisco Avellaneda, Patricia Panigua, Adela Silla, Miguel Esparza +44 others
  • 2012
Any unauthorized copying, distribution, marketing, editing, and in general any other exploitation, for whatever reason, of this piece of work or any part thereof, is strictly prohibited without the authors' expressed and written permission. 1 Preface Mental health is a vital aspect for the optimal development and quality of life of individuals and society.(More)
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