Inés María Barrio-Cantalejo

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The accuracy of proxies when they interpret advance directives or apply substituted decision-making criteria has been called into question. It therefore became important to know if the Andalusian Advance Directive Form (AADF) can help to increase the accuracy of proxies' predictions. The aim of this research was to compare the effect of the AADF on the(More)
The debate on euthanasia in Spain has been ongoing from the beginning of the 20th century and remains extant. Three periods can be identified: prior to 1978, 1978-2002, and after 2002. The debate increased significantly after the Ramon Sampedro case (1995-1998), and was fuelled with new, although very different cases, such as those of Leganés (2005-2008),(More)
BACKGROUND Most textbooks contains messages relating to health. This profuse information requires analysis with regards to the quality of such information. The objective was to identify the scientific evidence on which the health messages in textbooks are based. METHODS The degree of evidence on which such messages are based was identified and the(More)
BACKGROUND To identify the most relevant aspects that guarantee the readability, clarity and simplicity of written health education materials. MATERIAL AND METHODS Delphi methodology in order to reach a state of consensus among health education experts on criteria of legibility in the design and publication of informative material and literature. (More)
OBJECTIVE To measure the stability of life-sustaining treatment preferences amongst older people and analyse the factors that influence stability. DESIGN Longitudinal cohort study. SETTING Primary care centres, Granada (Spain). Eighty-five persons age 65 years or older. Participants filled out a questionnaire with six contexts of illness (LSPQ-e). They(More)
BACKGROUND The readability of written texts aimed at patients is an indicator of quality. Szigriszt made an adaptation of the RES Flesch Score, calling it "Escala de Nivel de Perspicuidad" (Clarity Level Scale), to measure the difficulty in reading a text. But Szigriszt used a text sample that was neither representative nor random, which is why the(More)
Inmaculada Echevarría was a woman with Progressive Muscular Dystrophy who was totally dependent on mechanical ventilation. In October 2006, she publicly asked to be disconnected of the ventilator. The clinical and biographical data of the case are presented in the first part of the work. The paper goes on to explain the decisions of the two committees that(More)
UNLABELLED This paper evaluates the content of the syllabi of postgraduate courses on public health ethics (PHE) within accredited schools and programs of public health (PH) in the United States in order to gain an awareness of the topics addressed within these courses. METHODS Data was gathered via the analysis of syllabi of courses on PHE. In 2012,(More)
Spain's Roma community has its own cultural and moral values. These values influence the way in which end-of-life decision-making is confronted. The objective of this study was to explore the perspective of Roma women on end-of-life decision-making. It was a qualitative study involving thirty-three Roma women belonging to groups for training and social(More)