Inés Ma Barrio Cantalejo

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OBJECTIVE To report on patient and professional opinions and expectations concerning the information included in drug package leaflets and to determine their readability. DESIGN Qualitative and quantitative study. PLACEMENT: Primary Care and Specialized Centres from Andalusia, Catalonia, Basque Country, Navarra, Aragon and Extremadura. PARTICIPANTS(More)
BACKGROUND Textbooks are an educational tool for learning health habits. The aim of this study was to determine how these textbooks present the health priorities defined by health organizations to children and teenagers. METHOD We performed a descriptive study in 3 steps: a) the priorities defined by health organizations were identified; b) the messages(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze readability and legibility of a systematic sample of health education materials made available at a health center, and to propose recommendations for improvement. DESIGN Observational, descriptive study. SETTING An urban health center in Madrid, Spain. MATERIAL A sample of text from 326 health education documents. MAIN MEASURES(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare, for the calculation of the Flesch legibility index, the original manual method and the computer programmes Word Perfect 7 and Microsoft Word 2000; and to correlate these with other computer measurements of legibility. DESIGN Descriptive, observation study. SETTING A Madrid Health Centre, within a study of the legibility of health(More)
Nowadays healthcare relationships rest on the recognition of the right of patients to take part in the decisions about their health. This idea is the foundation of the informed consent theory. Nevertheless, problem arises when the patient cannot take part in these decisions because he hasn't enough capacity. Then, another person, a substitute, must decide(More)
The experience of the Netherlands in relation with the legalization and practice of euthanasia is better known in Spain than the Belgian experience in this matter. But the historical process of social debate in Belgium has many specific details which should be known by Spanish healthcare professionals, bioethicists, politicians and lawyers. This paper(More)
BACKGROUND The generation of the use of informed consent forms makes necessary to grant their legibility for patients. Up to now, we didn't have in Spain a suitable yardstick for evaluating the reading levels. METHODS A sample of 10 texts of diverse procedence, 8 journals and 16 informed consent forms were collected. They were analyzed using the Grammatik(More)
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