Inés González Rodríguez

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Valuation pairs are introduced as a bipolar model of the assertability of propositions. These correspond to a pair of dual valuation functions, respectively, representing the strong property of definite assertability and the dual weaker property of acceptable assertability. In the case where there is uncertainty about the correct valuation pair for a(More)
This paper is concerned with local search methods to solve job shop scheduling problems with uncertain durations modelled as fuzzy numbers. Based on a neighbourhood structure from the literature, a reduced set of moves and the consequent structure are defined. Theoretical results show that the proposed neighbourhood contains all the improving solutions from(More)
In the sequel we consider the job shop scheduling problem with uncertain durations represented as triangular fuzzy numbers. We propose a new neighbourhood structure for local search, based on a new definition of critical path for fuzzy durations. A theoretical analysis of the proposed structure shows that it improves a previous one from the literature. It(More)
In the sequel, we propose a new neighbourhood structure for local search for the fuzzy job shop scheduling problem. This is a variant of the well-known job shop problem, with uncertainty in task durations modelled using fuzzy numbers and where the goal is to minimise the expected makespan of the resulting schedule. The new neighbourhood structure is based(More)