Inés Flores-Cacho

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We probe star formation in the environments of massive (∼1013 M ) dark matter haloes at redshifts of z ∼ 1. This star formation is linked to a submillimetre clustering signal which we detect in maps of the Planck High Frequency Instrument that are stacked at the positions of a sample of high redshift (z > 2) strongly lensed dusty star-forming galaxies(More)
We study the thermal and kinetic Sunyaev–Zel’dovich (SZ) effect associated with superclusters of galaxies using the MareNostrum Universe SPH simulation. In particular, we consider superclusters with characteristics (total mass, overdensity and number density of cluster members) similar to those of the Corona Borealis Supercluster (CrB-SC). This paper is(More)
We present IACTalks, a free and open access seminars archive ( aimed at promoting astronomy and the exchange of ideas by providing high-quality scientific seminars to the astronomical community. The archive of seminars and talks given at the Instituto de Astrof́ısica de Canarias goes back to 2008. Over 360 talks and seminars are now(More)
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