Inés Corral

Lara Martínez-Fernández2
Clemens Rauer1
Sebastian Mai1
Christian Reichardt1
2Lara Martínez-Fernández
1Clemens Rauer
1Sebastian Mai
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The excited-state dynamics of the purine free base and 9-methylpurine are investigated using experimental and theoretical methods. Femtosecond broadband transient absorption experiments reveal that excitation of these purine derivatives in aqueous solution at 266 nm results primarily in ultrafast conversion of the S2(ππ*) state to the vibrationally excited(More)
A synergistic approach combining high-level multiconfigurational static calculations and full-dimensional ab initio surface hopping dynamics has been employed to gain insight into the photochemistry of endoperoxides. Electronic excitation of endoperoxides triggers two competing pathways, cycloreversion and O–O homolysis, that result in the generation of(More)
The electronic absorption spectrum of anthracene-9,10-endoperoxide (APO) has been investigated by means of multiconfigurational multi-state second order perturbation theory on complete active space self-consistent field wavefunctions (MS-CASPT2/CASSCF) and two single reference methods: time-dependent density functional theory (TD-DFT) and coupled cluster of(More)
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