Inés Benedetti

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Several studies suggest that the 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) predicts left ventricular hypertrophy more accurately than conventional blood pressure measurement (CBPM) with mercury sphygmomanometer. We estimated the left ventricular mass by M-mode echocardiography in 58 patients on regular haemodialysis treatment during the midweek(More)
The possible origin of proliferative inflammatory atrophy in the regenerative proliferation of prostate epithelial cells in response to injury caused by inflammation, and their relation to prostate adenocarcinoma have not been defined. Inflammation and focal atrophy are common pathological findings in prostate biopsies, currently not routinely included in(More)
BACKGROUND Information about the biological properties of Blomia tropicalis allergens is scarce. It is predicted that Blo t 12, an allergen with two described isoforms, contains a chitin-binding domain, similar to that found in peritrophins. Th2 adjuvant properties have been described for chitin. Therefore, it is feasible that binding to this carbohydrate(More)
BACKGROUND Fibromodulin is a small leucine-rich proteoglycan important for extracellular matrix organization and essential for tissue repair in multiple organs. The main function of this proteoglycan is the regulation of collagen fibrillogenesis; however, more recently described roles for fibromodulin have expanded to include regulation of angiogenesis,(More)
Nutritional abnormalities and physical inactivity are risk factors of increased morbidity and mortality in patients with ESRD. Identify and define malnutrition, in particular protein-energy depletion (PEW), is an important task in the management of renal patients. The aim of this multicenter observational study was to implement the assessment of nutritional(More)
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