Inès Safi

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Transport through a one–dimensional wire of interacting electrons connected to semi–infinite leads is investigated using a bosonization approach. An incident electron is transmitted as a sequence of partial charges. The dc conduc-tance is found to be entirely determined by the properties of the leads. The dynamic nonlocal conductivity is rigorously(More)
In one-dimensional conductors, interactions result in correlated electronic systems. At low energy, a hallmark signature of the so-called Tomonaga-Luttinger liquids is the universal conductance curve predicted in presence of an impurity. A seemingly different topic is the quantum laws of electricity, when distinct quantum conductors are assembled in a(More)
The current noise of a voltage biased interacting quantum wire adiabatically connected to metallic leads is computed in presence of an impurity in the wire. We find that in the weak backscattering limit the Fano factor characterizing the ratio between shot noise and backscattering current crucially depends on the noise frequency ω relative to the ballistic(More)
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