Inès Ben Jemaa

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Vehicular communication is an important part of the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Geographic routing in vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) is becoming an interesting topic to deliver safety messages between cars but also between a car and a roadside infrastructure within a designated destination area. The Car2Car Communication Consortium specified(More)
—The combination of geographic-based routing protocols (GeoNetworking) and IPv6 NEtwork MObility (NEMO) into a single communication architecture (IPv6 GeoNetworking) is key in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANET). While NEMO manages Internet access and session continuity between the vehicle and the Internet, geographically based data forwarding allows an(More)
—Enabling Internet to Vehicular multicast communication is fraught with challenges due to the heterogeneous nature of the two networks. While the conventional multicasting in the Internet relies on " structured " multicast routing, it is not clear how robust can be such routing structure in vehicular networks. We study the robustness of the multicast(More)
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