Inès Bauwens

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Although many patients face a long and severe evolution, there is no consensus regarding the definition of chronic and/or refractory anorexia nervosa. The multiplication of treatments and therapies lead to what could be called a total resistance to treatment in these patients. Cognitive impairment in anorexia nervosa, known to be worsened by deep(More)
Behavioural therapy and bariatric surgery often produce rapid, massive body weight loss that may impact a patient's ability to gauge his/her new body shape. Although the patient is aware of the weight loss, he/she continues to feel obese, as if there was a conflict between the previous body schema and the new one. Here, we report the case of a 40-year-old(More)
People with anorexia nervosa (AN) usually report feeling broader than they really are. The objective of the present study was to better understand the body schema's involvement in this false self-representation in AN. We tested the potential for correction of the body schema impairment via the sensorimotor feedback provided by a real, executed action and(More)
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