Inácio Maria Dal Fabbro

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INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES The mini sling concept for stress urinary incontinence is an anatomical approach that involves placing a midurethral low-tension tape anchored to the obturator internus muscles bilaterally. They overcome the blind passage of long needles and all the related complications. There are many different devices available and because(More)
During knee ligament reconstruction, the tendon graft is tensioned to prevent the occurrence of excessive graft elongation during the postoperative period. Tensioning may be achieved by applying a cyclic or static load to the graft during fixation. Although this procedure is part of the surgery, there is no consensus in international literature regarding(More)
BACKGROUND Graft elongation might be a major reason for increased anterior laxity after anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction. This study analyzed the force relaxation values and their stabilization when single strands of the gracilis and semitendinosus tendons underwent cyclic and static tensioning at 2.5% strain level, and compared the(More)
The increasing demand of new functionalities in next generation vehicles, leads to a growth of the complexity level for the E/E automotive systems. On the same way, the automotive software also tends to follow the same pace, so new methods should be adopted to deal with this scenario of complexity. The next generation of automotive embedded software is(More)
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