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This paper presents a descriptive study which focuses on cultural construction of sexuality, media influences on human sexuality, and how nurses should consider the sexual education process. The investigation considered texts in the field of humanities and health. It was utilised the analytical construction to categorize the discursives retails. The(More)
The objective of this study was to evaluate the quality of life (QOL) of adults with spinal cord injury and to identify the domains that may influence QOL. Data was collected using the WHOQOL-bref and a questionnaire with sociodemographic variables. Participants were 47 subjects, with a mean age of 42.95 years, 91.5% males and 8.5% females. The domains(More)
This study aimed to verify the association between self-care ability and sociodemographic factors of people with spinal cord injury (SCI). It was a cross-sectional study, conducted in 2012, in all 58 Basic Health Units of Natal/RN, Brazil. Seventy-three subjects completed a sociodemographic form and Self-Care Agency Scale. Statistical analyses were(More)
This integrative literature review aimed to characterize scientific articles on health-related quality of life - HRQoL - among patients with advanced cancer from national and international literature, and summarize those factors evidenced in the literature that contributed to the improvement or worsening of HRQoL among patients with advanced cancer. The(More)
This is an interactive study which aimed at identifying the reactions and feelings of nurses/clients in relation to positive serum for HIV/AIDS. From the nurses's narratives emerged the following meanings: to have difficulty in interacting due to the fear of infection and death; to treat the client as a non-person; to act as an "informed" professional. From(More)
The present research focuses on the analysis model of three theories: Meleis Theory, Goal Achievement Theory (King, 1981) and on a study by Silveira. Its objective is to analyze the usefulness and social significance of King's Theory. After a comprehensive reading of the theories mentioned, the excerpt "Theory Criticism" was selected from Melei's model to(More)
It was aimed to measure the quality of life of adults with spinal cord injury and identify domains that affect the quality of life of these individuals. Epidemiological study, conducted in 2007-2008 in Health Basic Units of Campina Grande/PB. There were 47 participants. It was used a questionnaire composed by: sociodemographic variables, etiology of injury;(More)
Descriptive study which aims to verify if the herbalist offer the information correct for the use of the medicinal plants; if they give for the customers concerning the possible poisonings or interaction with the allopathic guide and also if there is a criteria for the commercialization of the phytotherapics. A questionnaire was used containing open and(More)
A descriptive study which aimed to characterize the conditions of people with disabilities (PD) in the Basic Health Units-UBS. Data were collected in January 2009 in 20 UBSF. It was used digital camera and check list based on the 9050-NBR ABNT. The results showed: Access town - no traffic lights (100%) of lanes for pedestrians (100%), bumpy sidewalks (90%);(More)
This study aimed to understand the testimonies of disabled people about the concreteness of the social inclusion process, as well as to articulate their testimonies with the directives of Law 3289/99. Eighteen people were interviewed, six of which were physically disabled, six visually disabled, and six had hearing disabilities. Data were standardized and(More)