Imtiaz Korejo

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Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is an efficient tool for optimization and search problems. However, it is easy to be trapped into local optima due to its information sharing mechanism. Many research works have shown that mutation operators can help PSO prevent premature convergence. In this paper, several mutation operators that are based on the global(More)
Genetic algorithms (GAs) are a class of stochastic optimization methods inspired by the principles of natural evolution. Adaptation of strategy parameters and genetic operators has become an important and promising research area in GAs. Many researchers are applying adaptive techniques to guide the search of GAs toward optimum solutions. Mutation is a key(More)
Developing directed mutation methods has been an interesting research topic to improve the performance of genetic algorithms (GAs) for function optimization. This paper introduces a directed mutation (DM) operator for GAs to explore promising areas in the search space. In this DM method, the statistics information regarding the fitness and distribution of(More)
This paper presents an efficient scheme to locate multiple peaks on multi-modal optimization problems by using genetic algorithms (GAs). The premature convergence problem shows due to the loss of diversity, the multi-population technique can be applied to maintain the diversity in the population and the convergence capacity of GAs. The proposed scheme is(More)
The development in the field of quantum computing gives us a significant edge over classical computing in terms of time and efficiency. This is particularly useful for NP-hard problems such as graph layout problems. Since many real world problems are effectively solved by genetic algorithm (GA) and the performance of GA highly depends upon the setting of(More)
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