Imre J. Rudas

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Higher education courses are increasingly created as student organized collections of interrelated modules. At the same time, frequent change of subject matter and knowledge in its background must be handled. Above and other factors created and recognized a need for efficient computer based course management. Conventional computer aided teaching methods are(More)
We provide solution of first order linear fuzzy differential equations by variation of constant formula. The differentiability concept used in this paper is the strongly generalized differentiability since a fuzzy differential equation under this differentiability can have decreasing legth of support function. Under some conditions we provide solution with(More)
In this paper we completely describe all continuous migrative triangular norms. Since the migrative property excludes both idempotent and nilpotent classes, the characterization and construction is carried out by solving a functional equation for additive generators of strict t-norms. We also study cases when the construction results in a smooth generator.(More)
A novel approach to fuzzy modeling based on the tuning of parametric conjunction operations is proposed. First, some novel methods for the construction of parametric generalized conjunction operations simpler than the known parametric classes of conjunctions are considered and discussed. Second, several examples of function approximation by fuzzy models,(More)
The problem of fuzziy conjunction and disjunction selection for overall control is being considered here. The implied procedures in systems with fuzzy control need neither replacement nor association of conjunction and disjunction, since it is possible to consider the most general definitions of these actions without their properties, as axioms. In this(More)
A method of FPGA implementation of the class of parametric digital conjunctions defined by (p)-monotone sum of basic t-norms is proposed. The paper presents the logical diagrams of parametric digital conjunctions developed by means of VHDL language in Quartus II with ModelSim software of Altera. Parametric digital conjunctions can be used in reconfigurable(More)