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1 Thermodynamic model of capital extraction in economic systems U. Kordeš 17 Entropy – our best friend D. Penzar and A. Srbljinović 27 About modelling of complex networks with applications to terrorist group modelling The publisher, Society, is non-profit civil organisation that supports Journal Interdisciplinary Description of Complex Systems(More)
Besides its traditional role in hemostasis, factor XIII subunit A (FXIII-A) is supposed to function as a cellular transglutaminase and to be involved in certain intracellular processes, including cytoskeletal remodeling. To investigate its intracellular role, the aim of the present study was to follow changes in FXIII-A production in combination with the(More)
Niemann-Pick C1-like 1 protein (NPC1L1) plays a critical role in intestinal cholesterol absorption. Previous studies found that the NPC1L1 c.-133A > G SNP, but not other NPC1L1 SNPs, was associated with response to statin treatment and statin-ezetimibe combinations. To date effect of NPC1L1 c.-133A > G SNP on ezetimibe monotherapy has not been studied. Our(More)
INTRODUCTION Most target search and detection models focus on foveal vision. In reality, peripheral vision plays a significant role, especially in detecting moving objects. METHODS There were 23 subjects who participated in experiments simulating target detection tasks in urban and rural environments while their gaze parameters were tracked. Button(More)
  • Katalin Martinás, Imre Balogh, +7 authors Katalin Martinas
  • 2007
Climate Change has been undoubtedly the most illustrious environmental issue since late 20 century. But neither the discourse merely emerged during that time, nor it was problematized in the same way since its onset. History of Climate Change discourse reveals that from a purely scientific concern it has turned into a public agenda that is nowadays more(More)
As the Marine Corps pursues greater energy efficiency in expeditionary operations, the HOMER micropower optimization model provides potential to serve as a powerful tool for improving Marine Corps power planning. The HOMER software was developed for the modeling and simulation of micropower systems over long periods of time. Although a deterministic model,(More)
For centuries, many scientists, many disciplines focused on how people make decisions. These approaches tend to be incompatible, if not orthogonal most case. In this article we attempt to give guidelines to a modeling approach, that will allow the description of a human “state vector”, which can be the basis for many decision making algorithms. First we(More)
1) Title: Combat Modeling and Model Validation Researcher(s): Imre Balogh, Curtis Blais, and Todd Richmond Abstract: The MOVES Institute is engaged in research, development, and evaluation of a number of combat models in use or proposed for use in the military services. During this session, we will describe and demonstrate activities underway in several(More)