Imran Syed

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The principal risk factors of osteoarthritis of the knee are: age, obesity and gender. It is hypothesized that long-duration walking (e. g. 20 min) in the elderly obese will lead to quadriceps fatigue. Changes in the gait pattern due to fatigue will lead to altered knee kinematics at heelstrike and consequently decreased shock absorption. This scenario will(More)
The main purpose of this research paper is to examine the impact of emotional intelligence on job satisfaction and productivity. If the employees knowing their own emotion and they are able to manage them they work more efficiently and productively. Employees also recognizing and appreciative others colleagues emotion as well. Emotionally intelligent people(More)
Thermal Laboratory (METTL), for his guidance during my studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His wide knowledge in thermal sciences, his understanding, and encouragements have been of great value for me. I would like to thank Dr. Syed I. Haider for his collaboration and extensive discussions during this study. I also greatly appreciate the support(More)
The investigations were carried out to study the effect of different particle size and packaging materials on storability of jaggery powder on the basis of changes in chemical composition and organoleptic characteristics. Jaggery powder of three different grades viz., coarse (0.500-0.708 mm), medium (0.351-0.420 mm) and fine (0.211-0.296 mm) were prepared(More)
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