Imran Siddiqi

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In this paper, we present a new sliding window based local thresholding technique ‘NICK’ and give a detailed comparison of some existing sliding-window based thresholding algorithms with our method. The proposed method aims at achieving better binarization results, specifically, for ancient document images. NICK has been inspired from the Niblack’s(More)
We present a binding free energy function that consists of force field terms supplemented by solvation terms. We used this function to calibrate the solvation model along with the binding interaction terms in a self-consistent manner. The motivation for this approach was that the solute dielectric-constant dependence of calculated hydration gas-to-water(More)
This work presents an effective method for writer identification in handwritten documents. We have developed a local approach, based on the extraction of characteristics that are specific to a writer. To exploit the existence of redundant patterns within a handwriting, the writing is divided into a large number of small sub-images, and the sub-images that(More)
Automatic detection and recognition of road signs is an important component of automated driver assistance systems contributing to the safety of the drivers, pedestrians and vehicles. Despite significant research, the problem of detecting and recognizing road signs still remains challenging due to varying lighting conditions, complex backgrounds and(More)