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The probability distribution function (PDF) and cumulative density function of the sum of L independent but not necessarily identically distributed gamma variates, applicable to maximal ratio combining receiver outputs or in other words applicable to the performance analysis of diversity combining receivers operating over Nakagami-m fading channels, is(More)
—Error performance is one of the main performance measures and the derivation of its closed-form expression has proved to be quite involved for certain communication systems operating over composite fading channels. In this letter, a unified closed-form expression, applicable to different binary modulation schemes, for the bit error rate of dual-branch(More)
—In this work, the performance analysis of a dual-hop relay transmission system composed of asymmetric radio-frequency (RF)/free-space optical (FSO) links with pointing errors is presented. More specifically, we build on the system model presented in [1] to derive new exact closed-form expressions for the cumulative distribution function, probability(More)
—The probability density function (PDF) and cumulative distribution function of the sum of L independent but not necessarily identically distributed Gamma variates, applicable to the output statistics of maximal ratio combining (MRC) receiver operating over Nakagami-m fading channels or in other words to the statistical analysis of the scenario where the(More)
BACKGROUND Acute encephalitis syndrome (AES) is commonly seen among hospitalized Nepali children. Japanese Encephalitis (JE) accounts for approximately one-quarter of cases. Although poor prognostic features for JE have been identified, and guide management, relatively little is reported on the remaining three-quarters of AES cases. METHODS Children with(More)
In this work, we carry out a unified performance analysis of a dual-hop amplify-and-forward fixed gain relay system over asymmetric links composed of both radio-frequency (RF) and unified free-space optics (FSO) under the effect of pointing errors. The RF link is modeled by the Nakagami-m fading channel and the FSO link by the Gamma-Gamma fading channel(More)