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BACKGROUND Combined liver and lung hydatid cysts are rare, but pose a challenge in terms of accessibility. The objective of the study was to find an alternative approach to conventional two-stage posterolateral thoracotomy and laparotomy or single-stage extensive thoracolaparotomy. METHODS Twenty-five patients with right lung and liver hydatid disease(More)
  • Ismail Iynena, Ozgur Sogutb, Imran Sana, Ferhat Bozkusa, Mehmet T. Gokdemirb
  • 2010
Leeches are blood-sucking endoparasites that can be seen in different colors and sizes. Leech infestation is endemic in tropical regions like Mediterranean countries, Africa and Asia. Leeches enter the human body when the polluted water is drunk, and they localize in the mucosa of the oropharynx, nasopharynx, tonsils, esophagus or nose but rarely in larynx.(More)
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