Imran Rao

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— The growing needs to support efficient data communications in wireless sensor networks (WSN) cannot be ignored. The resource constrained nature of WSN requires it to efficiently transmit the data with little consumption of network resources. We present a gossip based K − BackT rack (KBT) reliable data dissemination protocol for unstructured ad-hoc WSNs 1.(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) generate massive amount of live data and events sensed through dispersedly deployed tiny sensors. This generated data needed to be disseminate to the sink with slight consumption of network resources. One of the ways to efficiently transmit this bulk data is gossiping. An important consideration in gossip-based dissemination(More)
This paper documents how saving constraints can spill over into other markets. When producers value saving devices, trustworthy buyers can offer them infrequent payments—a commitment tool—and purchase at a lower price. This affects the nature of competition in the output market. We present a model of this interlinked saving-output market for the case of the(More)