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The PFC Sigma total knee was introduced in 1997, incorporating a number of design changes. We report the mid-term results of a consecutive series of PFC Sigma knee arthroplasties performed between November 1997 and December 1998. Out of a total of 156 patients (166 knees), 5 patients (5 knees) were lost to follow-up and 6 patients (6 knees) died of(More)
Infection following joint replacement surgery although rare presents a challenging problem. Bacterial resistance to antibiotics is an emerging problem. We analysed the microbiology of 337 single-stage revisions for deep infection. Coagulase negative staphylococcus was found to be the predominant organism, although staphylococcus aureus is gaining(More)
INTRODUCTION Osteopetrosis introduces technical limitations to the traditional treatment of fracture management that may be minimised with specific pre-operative planning. Extreme care and caution are required when drilling, reaming, or inserting implants in patients with osteopetrosis. Caution must be exercised throughout the postoperative course when(More)
10 This study provides an insight into the dominant negotiation processes that occur 11 between the authors of research articles and academic reviewers at the peer reviewing 12 stage. Data of reviewers comments and authors responses on 32 science and engineering 13 based journal articles covering four decision categories (accept as is, accept with minor 14(More)
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