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PURPOSE Several studies have documented the efficacy of amphotericin B as empiric antifungal therapy in cancer patients with prolonged fever and neutropenia. Amphotericin, however, is a toxic drug. Fluconazole has broad-spectrum antifungal activity with an excellent safety profile. Although prophylactic use of fluconazole is widespread, its efficacy as an(More)
We conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of tetrachlorodecaoxide (TCDO) in patients with chemotherapy-induced mucositis. Sixty-two patients with World Health Organization grade II-IV oral mucositis were eligible for the study. They were randomized to receive TCDO or placebo, 10 ml, twice daily,(More)
Although octreotide, a long-acting analogue of somatostatin, is currently used in the treatment of chronic secretory diarrhoea due to various causes, its role in the management of acute secretory diarrhoea is not well established. In the present study, therefore, the therapeutic value of octreotide in the management of cholera, a classical example of acute(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the effect of granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) on healing of chronic wounds. DESIGN Prospective open study. SETTING 1 cancer hospital and 2 University hospitals, Pakistan. SUBJECTS 35 patients with chronic wounds (duration 3 months or longer) that had not responded to standard treatment. Patients with(More)
BACKGROUND There have been numerous studies on smoking habits among young adults in developed countries. Similar data from developing countries are scanty. METHODS A survey of medical students from one of the medical colleges in Pakistan assessed their smoking habits and attitudes towards smoking. In June 1993 a coded survey questionnaire was sent to each(More)
From a cohort of female breast cancer patients registered at the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center, in Lahore, Pakistan, during the time period extending from December 1994 to December 2002, 700 subjects who were followed up in time, were selected. Those who presented with benign tumors, carcinoma in situ, or metastases were(More)
Several studies have confirmed the efficacy of high-dose metoclopramide and, more recently, serotonin antagonists, with and without dexamethasone, in the prophylaxis of cisplatin-induced nausea and vomiting. Most of these trials have been reported from Western countries. There is little or no information about the efficacy and tolerability of these agents(More)
Seven hundred subjects with breast cancer malignancies were followed up in time from December 1994 to December 2002 to determine survival distributions between sub-groups of breast cancer patients who had undergone surgical resection of the tumor followed by adjuvant treatment. Tumor size, nodal status, and Estrogen Receptor (ER) status at the time of(More)
Sex steroids play an important part in the functioning of normal gallbladder, formation of gallstones and possibly in the pathogenesis of gallbladder cancer. Steroids receptors have been previously demonstrated on normal and malignant gall bladder tissues. To study this phenomenon further, we correlated clinicopathological features and survival with(More)
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