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This paper investigates a communication system where three terminals exchange their information with each other with the help of a relay. One joint network and channel coding (JNCC) scheme (based on iterative soft information exchange between channel and network decoder) and one separate network and channel coding scheme based on turbo codes are proposed.(More)
We present an in-depth performance analysis of the gains of physical layer (PHY) abstraction when compared to a full implementation of the physical layer. The abstraction model uses either effective signal to noise plus interference (SINR) mapping or mutual information effective SINR mapping and covers different transmission modes as well as support for(More)
Most of the recent wireless communication systems are interference limited rather than noise limited. In the case of a very strong interferer the conventional assumption of the interference as Gaussian is extremely suboptimal. However optimal (capacity achieving) receivers utilize some prior knowledge about the interference to reach optimality. The link(More)
In this paper we present the complete methodology of expected effective SINR mapping (EESM) and mutual information effective SINR mapping (MIESM) based PHY abstraction for OpenAirInterface (OAI) LTE platform. The methodology consists of calibration of the ESM techniques using OAI link level simulator and then the validation of calibrated scheme on the OAI(More)
The market success of broadband multimedia-enabled devices such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops is increasing the demand for wireless data capacity in mobile cellular systems. In order to meet such requirements, the introduction of advanced techniques for increasing the efficiency in spectrum usage was required. Multi User -Multiple Input Multiple(More)
Incremental redundancy hybrid automatic repeat request (IR-HARQ) scheme used in recent wireless communication standards such as 3GPP LTE provides higher benefits in terms of system capacity and robustness. To map these benefits into system level evaluations is of critical importance. Traditional link abstraction techniques are usually designed for a fixed(More)
This paper focuses on the performance of LTE in rural areas which is based on a channel measurement campaign conducted with the Eurecom OpenAirInterface LTE testbed at 800MHz. This testbed is based on LTE release 8 PHY layer and implements transmission modes 1 (single antenna SISO), 2 (transmit diversity), and 6 (single-user MIMO closed loop rank1(More)
Construction wastes have become a pressing issue in many developing countries and have adverse effects on environment, economy and social aspects. Illegal dumping is a common issue created from the physical construction waste and besides that non physical waste like cost and time overruns are not properly addressed among the construction players. This paper(More)
Concrete is basic construction material used for most structures. However, the vital structures have to be designed as selfprotective such as nuclear plants, power plants, weapon industries, weapons storage places, water retaining structures, highway structures, and etc. These structures should have to be offer self shield against any natural disaster(More)