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Semantic-based storage and retrieval of multimedia data requires accurate annotation of the data. Annotation can be done either manually or automatically. The retrieval performance of the manual annotation based approaches is quite good, as compared to approaches based on automatic annotation. However, manual annotation is time consuming and labor(More)
diverse and rich culture around the globe. One of the major needs of Multimedia is to have a single system that enables people to efficiently search through their multimedia catalogues. Many Domain Specific Systems and architectures have been proposed but up till now no generic and complete architecture is proposed. In this paper, we have suggested a(More)
Indexing is a common technique used by search engines for a fast and efficient search and retrieval process. XML search engines are no different. But the search engines consider XML file as single unit completely ignoring the fact that XML document contains records in the form of semi-structured data. This hierarchal structure of XML inherits a parent/child(More)
Search engines use indexing schemes to index documents for efficient search and retrieval. However these search engines, take XML documents as a unit and ignore the fact that XML documents may contain records and objects that are required to be indexed in parts. Indexing XML documents as a whole, may result in irrelevant and inaccurate results to a query.(More)
Mobile Ad Hoc Grid deals with the challenges in resource discovery and job scheduling due to its mobility and power consumption. In this paper a new grid computing technique is implemented to manage the congestion control with job scheduling. The proposed addition of the mobile ad hoc network with in AHGL can offer maximum network utility. The model is(More)
The Education via Internet (e-Learning) has made the teaching and learning process more efficient with the use of electronic and digital educational material. Consequently, a major change is also required in the way educational materials are designed, developed and delivered to those who wish to learn. An instructional technology called " Learning Objects "(More)
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