Imran H. Yusuf

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TDP-43 immunoreactive (TDP-43-ir) pathological changes were investigated in the temporal cortex and hippocampus of 11 patients with autosomal dominant familial forms of Alzheimer's disease (FAD), 169 patients with sporadic AD [85 with early onset disease (EOAD) (i.e before 65 years of age), and 84 with late onset after this age (LOAD)], 50 individuals with(More)
B lack occlusive intraocular lens (IOL) insertion has been shown to be an effective treatment for intractable diplopia, visual confusion, and poor cosmesis resulting from leukokoria. A significant disadvantage of occlusive IOL insertion is that conventional funduscopy is not possible, preventing the detection of posterior pole disease. Here we describe a(More)
PURPOSE Occlusive intraocular lens (IOL) implantation is an effective therapeutic option in patients with intractable diplopia, visual confusion, and unsightly leukocoria. However, their use has been restricted by concerns that inability to visualize the retina may prevent the diagnosis of important posterior pole diseases. In this study, transmission(More)
PURPOSE To determine the feasibility of Ultra wide-field intravenous fundus fluorescein angiography (UWF-IV-FFA) in infants. METHODS A retrospective review of infants who underwent UWF-IV-FFA with the Optos P200MA was performed. The ability to capture different phases of the angiogram, the total image acquisition time and the presence of image artefacts(More)
UNLABELLED A 61-year-old woman presented with an 18-year history of a debilitating ghosting phenomenon and light perception in her right eye following implantation of a Morcher black intraocular lens (IOL) for intractable diplopia. On 5 occasions, she was referred to hospital ophthalmology, repeatedly requesting right optic nerve transection to alleviate(More)
This paper presents an overview of an interactive multimedia vibrations program called GT Vibrations. GT Vibrations contains a series of modules that deal with elementary vibrations, transient vibrations, and continuous systems. The program is intended to be used as a supplemental tool for undergraduate courses in vibrations and system dynamics at Georgia(More)